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One of the oldest continually operating College Radio Stations in the nation, broadcasting alternative radio from the Heart of CT since 1939.

88.1 WESU Middletown

The Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio

Oct 3, 2021 11:30 AM β€“ 1:00 PM


With CmdrAleon

Dedicated to Lightworkers worldwide with Ashtar Command news, messages from off-planet guest interviews, listener call-ins, spaceship reports and ambient spiritual space meditation music. Tune in to a show that’s out of this world.

The Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio
12:00 PM
Max Strom - karuna
Max Strom karuna Max Strom
SACRED MOVEMENT Vol.1 White Swan Records 2004 CD
12:01 PM
Deborah Martin - Ancestral Whispers
Deborah Martin Ancestral Whispers
Between Worlds Spotted Peccary 2009 USSP50990064
12:29 PM
Aeoliah - Supernal Peace
Aeoliah Supernal Peace
Aeoliah's Sample Elixir Music for Healthy Living 2021 USDY42148268
12:30 PM
Aeoliah - The Light of Tao
Aeoliah The Light of Tao
The Light of Tao
12:33 PM
Aeoliah - Empowerment
Aeoliah Empowerment
Relaxing & Dreaming Plusquam New Age 2015 FR2X41474990
12:37 PM
Paul Avgerinos - At Peace
Paul Avgerinos At Peace
Mindfulness Round Sky Music 2018 US62E1800005