88.1 WESU Middletown

fReE fOrM RaDiO

One of the oldest continually operating College Radio Stations in the nation, broadcasting alternative radio from the Heart of CT since 1939.

88.1 WESU Middletown

WES Sports and Beyond

Apr 18, 2022 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With DJ Steve

WES Sports and Beyond
4:01 PM
Noel Paul Stookey - Impeachable
Noel Paul Stookey Impeachable
Summerfallwinterspring Neworld 2017 QMRR31728504
4:21 PM
Jerry Garcia - Bird Song
Jerry Garcia Bird Song Jerry Garcia
Garcia Round Records 1972 USRHD0430691
4:22 PM
Royal Flush - Worldwide
Royal Flush Worldwide
Ghetto Millionaire Blunt Recordings 1997 USTV19700027
4:22 PM
William Parker - Come Sunday
William Parker Come Sunday
Painter's Spring Thirsty Ear 2000 Jazz USA6J0008802
4:42 PM
Four Tet - Tangle
Four Tet Tangle
Pause MERLIN - Domino Recording Co 2007 GBCEL0100328
4:49 PM
Dr John - Dear Old Southland
Dr John Dear Old Southland
N'Awlinz Dis, Dat, or D'Udda Parlophone UK 2004 Jazz GBAYE0400557